“Everyone has something to give…..”



Ray Lewis Foundation & Wal-mart give back on Thanksgiving

The lighting of the Washington Monument was yesterday, which is always a sign for me that Christmas, the season of giving, is among us. Last week, Wal-Mart and NFL Pr Bowler Ray Lewis teamed up to feed close to 1000 families at the Bluford Drew Jemison Academy. The young boys at the Academy worked for hours, loading boxes of Thanksgiving goods for needy families. It was a pleasure to help so many people enjoy Thanksgiving this year. Pairing Wal-Mart and Lewis together was something I felt passionately about, because I have witnessed their independent commitment to give back to the community that serves them, and knew that, combined, it would create the perfect synergy. I have worked with Lewis for over two years now, and his benevolent spirit surpasses many. Wal-Mart, being the largest retailer in the world, has been an excellent complement to this partnership. Their dedication to implementing their pillars of education, workforce development, environmental sustainability, and health and wellness are so prevalent in this area, as seen through the institutions and organizations they have supported.

While everyone doesn’t have the resources that Wal-Mart has, everyone has something to give. Whether it be your time, love, or money, people are in need. Our country is going through a time of hardship, and maybe you are experiencing hardships of your own, but you helping another in some type of way may ease your suffering. So as we shop and fellowship with our families be cognizant of your blessings and others’ needs. Our world is one, and when one suffers, we all, in turn, suffer. Have a happy holiday season!!!

Bluford Drew Jemison Academy

Families lines up

Thanks Dietz and Watson for Turkeys


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