Go, Shawty, it’s my birthday!!!

I do love that my birthday falls during the holiday season. It allows me to see my family and celebrate the day I was born to Beverley and John DeCaires in Georgetown, Guyana. I came to America when I was just 4 years old because my parents wanted better opportunities for me. Now all these years later, I am grateful for their love, sacrifice, and support. It took a lot of courage  to come to an unknown country for the sake of their daughter.

So, I’m grateful for them allowing me to have this journey. All the friends and people I’ve met along the way have shaped who I am. Each city has given me more wisdom and added to my experiences.  New York, the place I grew up, will always be my heart and resonate with my spirit as my first home. Philadelphia was bitter sweet but it was a pivotal point in my life; it strengthened my core and I became a woman there. Baltimore has become like another home for me; the people, fans, and opportunities have surpassed my ideas of what life in Baltimore would have been. There have been no regrets about the pain, the passion, or the love.

Each one of us have gained and lost people, some more painful than others. However, if we hold onto the past and not be grateful for what is before us, we miss out on the future. I could not have imagined this winding road that God has taken me down. I’ve struggled and questioned the path because it has been so unsure at times. Those times, however, eventually gave me the answers I needed. His unseen grace has been at the crux of my survival and strength. So I toast to all the friends I’ve lost, grew apart, or gained over the years because they are all part of me. I miss them and love them all the same but it all happened for a reason. Once again, thank you! I’m grateful.



One thought on “Go, Shawty, it’s my birthday!!!

  1. Sonjah, your story is incredible and a pleasure to include you as a friend. You have a wonderful spirit that transforms through your personality, in your smile etc. that is authentic. God, bless and continue to prosper.

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