GBUL- Farewell to Summer

Summer Farewell-Team

Date: Sunday September 2, 2013

Place: Ruth Chris Pier 5 Waterfront Deck

Presented by: Greater Baltimore Urban League, Sonje’ Productions, Philanthropik, E4GP, Finn Group, George Ray Agency, Dave Couser Group, Darric Boyd

Sponsored by Dusse’

Pictures by J. Sippio

Summer Farewell-Mayor George

Greater Baltimore Urban League Summer Farewell-7245Greater Baltimore Urban League Summer Farewell-7252

Summer Farewell-Henderson

Summer Farewell-Marty Dean

Summer Farewell-Ashley Quick

Summer Farewell Ivan Lana

Summer Farewell-George friend

Summer Farewell-Sheena Husband Summer Farewell-Creole Summer Farewell-Best Drummer pic

Summer Farewell-Cute guys2 Summer Farewell-Keisha Nicole Summer Farewell-Kelly

Summer Farewell-Girls 2 Summer Farewell-Moses Zac

Summer Farewell-Great bar Summer Farewell-Tuesday Summer Farewell-Enzo yoq GSummer Farewell-Pretty girlsss Summer Farewell-Cousers

Summer Farewell-MOSESSS

Summer Farewell-Great Black white shot GSummer Farewell-Me and Bino Summer Farewell-Bino Guys 2 Summer Farewell-Loreal Quick

Summer Farewell-Cute guys 3 Summer Farewell-Couser George Summer Farewell-Quick hosting Summer Farewell-Finney Nat Summer Farewell-zek girls george

Summer Farewell-Cute Girl Summer Farewell-Mimi Summer Farewell-Inkwell Brian

Summer Farewell-Bay Summer Farewell-George donald Summer Farewell-Katrina me Summer Farewell-Gina

Summer Farewell-Cass Summer Farewell-Kamal Summer Farewell-Ebonee Charlie Summer Farewell-Cute Women Summer Farewell-Nikki Darryl

Summer Farewell-Mona Me

Summer Farewell Monique Tanisa Summer Farewell-Drummer Summer Farewell-Cute guys

Summer Farewell-Cute Summer

Summer Farewell-Andrea Summer Farewell-Penelope Summer Farewell Mayor girlsSummer Farewell Franklin

Summer Farewell-Lauren

Summer Farewell-Ricky

Summer Farewell-Area shot


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