Liquid Sunshine Day Party

Date: Sunday July 28th

Place: Silo .5% Wine Bar

Partners: George Ray Agency, Donell Moses, Niks Naks, Dave Couser, E4GP (Zik), and John Lee

Sponsors: Ciroc Amaretto and Rosenblum

Wine Bar sign

Sheena and Creole

Corey sheena

Bartender pouring ciroc

Food shot

Girl Ciroc Poster

Promo team

1095037_10200283265227429_702705140_n 1098239_10200283073822644_1944085604_n 1005914_10200283278827769_1036258756_n

521890_10200283233266630_1877481619_n Glen Camille Flexx

Great George and me

Pretty girls

Great Daniel shot

Inside shot

Pretty girls 3


Outside Shot

Me and Felicia

Great guy shot

Guy shot 3

Great Group

Great Jason and girl

Great Black and White

Ciroc Gina

Reagan and girls

Darryl and Nikki


JD and guy

Great Cigar Shot




Sip_9999. 3 (88)Niki friends shot

Cute girl

Ebonee Sister

Me and Tamra

Leander Moses





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