The big pay off…

***I’m back from vacay with a clear head and a rejuvenated spirit. 🙂

Game of Life

Today I was looking at 50 cent on “Today” as he was promoting his new movies. His demeanor was softer, approachable and he looked like an all around nice guy; not saying 50 cent isn’t a nice guy but it was completely different from the person who, 5 months ago, was spitting venom at rapper Rick Ross over petty nonsense. I then started to think about the “America Story”, bad guy turned good. How many times have you seen  the drug dealer, bootlegger, gangster, stripper, etc, make their riches doing bad and then after they get loaded they turn into the nice benevolent person. Everyone forgives their wrongs and we move onto glorify their wealth and triumph. Hmmm..

As a hard-working, morally sound person sometimes you struggle with what path to take when you look at these success stories. Just a few months ago I had to talk a friend out of going down that unmoral path and stay on the straight and narrow because it will all pay off. Part of me believed it and part of me was teetering on that belief. My friend was lucky to have me but how many kids don’t have that person to be that conscience. They look at doing bad as the only means to an end. They see their sweet grandmother going to church every Sunday and nothing is changing for the good around her. It’s hard to convey that message of “doing good” to them. However, not everyone is fortunate to become a 50 cent or Lil Kim. The bad choices people make do end up biting them in the butt more often than not. You can probably hear that in jail sentences across the country of people who moved that package or laundered that money to help foster their dreams and it ended up on a bad note. It’s a chance people take.

Anyhow, I ended up telling my friend that it’s just not worth it. He just wasn’t responsible for hisself but he was responsible for his child and his wife now. Them having no daddy over something stupid would be selfish on his part. I think peace of mind is so much important than that car or clothes. You will appreciate your hard work so much more. It sounds hard to fathom now while someone is in the trenches but the big pay off will be so much sweeter. The Alchemist says, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. If you keep that in your heart and mind, then nothing can stop your success, in my opinion.


One thought on “The big pay off…

  1. First let me say im happy u started this blog)….. its funny u wrote this i was just thinking about my life and how i fast come up would be soooo nice. However, i caught myself before i allowed myself to get carried away in the thoughts of bad deeds. like u said peace of mind is much better than material things. My mom always say everyone success is measured differently and i will always remember that.

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