Unveiled beauties….

Paula Campbell

Known as Ms. Paula Campbell to most….. She is beautiful, talented, and an established singer/songwriter in the Baltimore area. When I first met Ms. Campbell, her doe-like eyes told a different story than her harsh reality. Growing up in the streets of Baltimore gave her an edge that is unknown until you start talking to her. The coarseness of her voice doesn’t match what you see. Listening to her, you realize her struggles and experiences gave texture to her pretty face and bubbly demeanor.

To Baltimore, she is “the Queen”, the woman who tells the stories from neighborhood sidewalks. It isn’t the prettiest but it is the “realest”. Young girls jump up when they hear her music on the radio because to them she is the concrete rose they strive to be. To them, she made it through the concrete jungle of Baltimore. To support and to listen to her new song, “Just A Man”, go to, http://paulacampbell.ning.com/ . I’m sure you can relate.


This Friday July 23rd, I have the honor of planning a birthday party for her. The “Queen of the DMV” will host a white party at the Roof Top Terrace.  316 Guilford Ave.

For tickets please email. Sdecaires@verizon.net . Advance tickets are $30.


2 thoughts on “Unveiled beauties….

  1. I am still trying to figure out why Paula has not blown up…*smh* real talent gets no love these days, everything is all about a gimmick!

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