Leaving it all on the mat!!

Hot Yoga

I hate working out!! I do it because I have to, I want to keep my physique, and I understand the benefits it has on my body. However I am not the first one to jump at the idea of hitting the gym. Then I discovered hot yoga (Bikram). The ability to burn the calories, cleanse the toxins, and restore your spirit from a grueling week was right up my alley. 90 minutes of up to 105 degrees of heat, difficult poses, and a not too pleasing aroma in the room. When I am finished, I am left with a feeling of calmness and rejuvenation that I hadn’t had when I walked in.

Just recently I started to do hot yoga again. I was so stressed I could feel it in my shoulders as I entered the room. I had my ice cold water, mat, and towel; the tools needed to make it through this session. By my 5th downward facing dog, sweat was pouring out of me and blinding me at the same time. I grabbed my towel and wiped my face. In “child’s pose”, I prayed to God and asked for guidance and forgiveness for all my sins that week. I felt all my emotions emptying on the mat and the thoughts that had drowned out my inner peace were being released. I felt at ease that everything was going to be alright and my life will be aligned again.

I know hot yoga isn’t for everyone because it is very intense, mainly mind over matter. However if you are person who is very in tuned with your spirit and believe that your mind, body, and soul need to be one for a healthy lifestyle then this is workout for you. You walk out a renewed spirit and with a feeling of accomplishment. You got pass one funk so the others should be a walk in the park. 🙂



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