Here I am…

Sonje' Productions

Welcome to my blog!! First time doing this. I guess this will take you into my mind and oh, what a mind it is! Been a rough week, but I thought why not the best time to start this- when you are facing adversity in your life.

I have a facebook page and I kinda have a following. I start out each day with a thought-provoking quote and sometimes it’s mine and sometimes it’s not. It truly depends on how lazy I am.

Couple things about me….I’m a very spiritual person, I’m a “pescetarian”, and I don’t drink. I know I sound like a semi-saint but I’m not. I cuss like a sailor. Well I’ll try to be as diligent as this as I am with my quotes. My quote today was:

“If you love large, you’ve got to hurt large. If you’ve got a lot of light, you’ve probably got an equal amount of darkness.”
In my opinion, I have a big heart and when someone hurts it, I hurt hard. Someone (s) hurt my heart this week and I’m still licking my wounds. People like me go into a dark place sometimes and hide from the world. That is where we feel secure I guess. I know the light will shine again but right now I’m feeling comfort in the shade. 
Sonje’ Productions was born during my tenure as a morning radio personality and producer. I began producing events and working with several clients who were guests on my show. It blossomed from there and I have been able to work with wonderful clients like Ray Lewis, Mario, Geoffrey Canada, and Carmelo Anthony. They each gave me an opportunity to showcase my talents and I am thankful for them for that.
The reason for starting this blog was to give people like me who are products of the urban culture a place to enjoy or experience something new and refreshing. I love Salvador Dali to Young Jeezy; the hottest Louboutin shoe to cutest sweater at Forever 21. I am a producer of life, love, and hotness!! From my events, clients, and just everyday thoughts will be the catalysts for posts. So I hope you enjoy my blog and all that it has to offer.

4 thoughts on “Here I am…

  1. Sonjay, I love your blog and you are a phenomenal woman, remember to keep God first and everything will follow. Love Ya

  2. Hi Sonjay..can I please interview you for my blog? I love your drive and you are very inspiring!

    I am from Baltimore by the way!

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