Ciroc Premium Pineapple Vodka Maryland Launch


Date: Wednesday September 24, 2014

Location: Tiki Barge, Baltimore, MD

Purpose: The launch of the highly anticipated Ciroc Premium Pineapple Vodka

Photography: Surpass Visuals

Glen and Camille Ciroc POS Pineapple vases Beach chairs

_SV10348.-3564147017-O_SV22345.-3563858246-O _SV22346.-3563858449-O _SV22354.-3563858830-O

_SV22309.-3563856190-O_SV22454.-3563866621-O _SV10136.-3564135220-O _SV22374.-3563861394-O _SV10123.-3564134902-O _SV22395.-3563862845-O_SV10301.-3564142411-O _SV22589.-3563875431-O _SV10291.-3564140977-O_SV10294.-3564141321-O_SV22584.-3563875072-O _SV22586.-3563875257-O

_SV22622.-3563880082-O _SV22646.-3563880812-O _SV10304.-3564142935-O

_SV10179.-3564136618-O _SV10248.-3564138597-O _SV10272.-3564139872-O

_SV10315.-3564143205-O _SV10332.-3564143946-O


_SV22468.-3563866977-O _SV22480.-3563868077-O _SV22514.-3563869561-O _SV22545.-3563872780-O _SV22549.-3563873343-O

_SV22567.-3563874350-O _SV22579.-3563874745-O

_SV22614.-3563879348-O _SV22648.-3563881148-O _SV22651.-3563881404-O


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