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On Tuesday October 29th, at the Broom Corn Building, Ciroc Vodka and
Sonje’ Productions held a fundraiser for the Baltimore Love Project.
The Baltimore Love Project expresses love by connecting people and
communities across Baltimore City through love themed murals.

A few years ago, local artist Michael Owen developed a design of four
hands spelling out the word love. Now this image is painted on 20
walls, spread evenly across the communities of Baltimore City.

Ciroc donated over $1000 to support this program and raise the
awareness of their objective. Local artist Michael Owen and “For Rent”
boutique owner, Daniel Davis, painted autographed Under Armour
sneakers donated by NBA Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry and Portland
Trailblazer Will Barton. Both sneakers raised over $200 when auctioned
off. Some of Baltimore’s trendsetters and local talent were in
attendance to support the art community in Baltimore.

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blp steve gary blp great painting _sv16283


blp and sheena _sv16377 _sv16351 _sv16334

_sv16435 DJ and bass _sv16383 blp michael paintint blp great tiffany

_sv16441 _sv16451 _sv16445 Me and Scott _sv16438

_sv16471 _sv16464 _sv16461 _sv16449

_sv16498 _sv16499 _sv16491 _sv16492 _sv16495 _sv16487

BLP CUTE PIC _sv16507 _sv16500 _sv16502

blp check karim and monte sneaks me and tiffany laughing me and tiff _sv16549 Los

best pic Great pic great pic of me karim me _sv16606 _sv16601 Finished pictures Mackey blp gina pic

_sv16628 Vershawn

_sv16330 _sv16326 _sv16289 _sv16286 _sv16260

_sv16475blp pretty girls _sv16269




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