Qream Launch- Maryland

I’m proud to announce that I am the new Social Ambassador of Maryland for Qream with a Q. February 9th marked the official launch dinner of Qream, which is a liqueur created by Pharrell Williams. He came to Diageo with the concept of creating a drink for all the beautiful, sexy, sophisticated women of today. Each detail of packaging and taste was to complement the elegance of women. Of course, men also enjoy this spirit because of its smooth taste. It comes in two delicious flavors- Strawberry and Peach.

The Qream dinner was to give some of the socialites and taste makers of Baltimore a chance to sample and enjoy all that Qream offers. I want to thank TATU Baltimore for creating a beautiful ambiance and having excellent food. Also a personal thanks to Paul Greene for all the amazing pictures you are about to see. Welcome QREAM to Maryland…..


My new Lova....

Tatu Baltimore

Strawberry Qream

Ashley Silva (Super Gorge), Lana Rae (KIS Models), Jenn Allen (Reliable Churchill)

Bob Ingram (Uptown Magazine)

Marcy Crump (Flywire)


Larissa is such a cutie

Granville and Ebonne

Lovely ladies for Qream

Kristin getting fly

Loreal (SuperGorge)

Lana Rae from (KIS Models) and Daniel Parsons (Certified Guy)

Bob Ingram (Uptown Magazine)

Frank Johnson and Loreal from SuperGorge

Qream Queens

Mrs. Rawlings and Amanda

Ms. Paula Campbell

Brandi Proctor for FOX 45

Vixxen Salon Owner-Nee Nee

We'll drink to that.....

Azikewe (Mirage Baltimore/E4GP)


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