Everything that Sparkles…..

On Sunday, Sonje’ Productions had the pleasure of producing a birthday brunch for the talented Ms. Ikea Roxi. She is a new pop/r&b artist to hit the music scene and she’s from Baltimore. Besides turning 18, she also launched her new music video for her first single “Mirror”. Her talents vary from playing both the piano and the saxophone, acting, dancing, and singing. Everything That Sparkles was a joyous event at Milan Restaurant to celebrate a wonderful young lady; a star is born!

Decor by Sonje' Productions

The beautiful Ikea Roxi (In the middle)

Great turnout for brunch!!

Natalie from Dollhouse Boutique and Porkchop from 92Q

Fab Friends!

Ikea with momanger, Ms. Tonya!! She is the wind beneath the wings!

Thank you to JP Events, for our balloons, Pretty-n-Pink Cupcakes, Kelson and Porkchop from 92Q, and Media Minds for all your help.

Check out her single, “Mirror” and the behind the scenes of the making of the video…..




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