Unveiled Beauties…

When I first met Jill Henry I was working in radio and she was working for a magazine. She was a small, petite woman with a quiet demeanor. Boy was I fooled!  Jill is far from quiet and her vision and creative flair will be unveiled in one minute of conversation. I think the better word to describe her would have been poised with a strong disposition. Her creative edge was not revealed fully to me until she broke off from the magazine and formed her own multimedia design firm called Savant Marketing, which specializes in publishing, advertising, design and imaging.  Presently Jill continuously spawns out new ideas and visions of work for my clients. It is out-the-box thinking and an innovative spin on the invitations, presentation packaging, sponsorship decks, business cards, etc. Her work fits right inline with what I see and what my clients foresee.

Jill is definitely not the loudest one when you first meet her, but I think her punch is in her imagination; even a visit to her home for a house party re-confirmed my notion. Her home was decadent with all types of creative ideas and quirks that gave a homely but eclectic vibe. I marveled at all of her artistry and clever designs that she created. Then the party began and loads of people trickled through that front door as Jill cooked up tons of food. She’s a great cook too. The music started and the house party was something right out of a movie; tasty food, good music, great conversations with fabulous people. That petite woman turned into the matriarch of the crowd.  For me the experience was warm, inviting, and loving.

Jill and I have worked with each other through the years and I have always been pleasantly surprised with her concepts. Her team are diligent, imaging gurus. She has supported me on imaging Sonje’ Productions and I thank her for it. She is someone I trust to deliver, time in and time out, and her work speaks for herself. I recommend her to anyone who needs guidance in developing their business image portfolio.



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